The Day Jesus did a ‘Dummy Spit’!

What pushed Jesus over the edge? What made this normally easy going, kind, humble and patient Jewish Rabbi, come Saviour of the World, too do a ‘dummy spit’, of Biblical Proportions?

Let’s set the scene. It was the Passover, the Holiest time of the year. Jesus had gone to Jerusalem for the Passover, just like quarter of a million other people, did each year.

So when Jesus gets to the Temple, He does not find the Temple Courtyards filled with people praying, No! He finds a Bazaar where cattle and sheep and doves are being sold and money is being exchanged. These Courtyards that were designed for prayer, had been turned into Livestock yards and and a money exchange.

If that was not bad enough the prices were severely inflated. The Kosher system of what was allowed and what was not, was being used to make sure anything offered to God, meant more money into the High Priest’s pocket. The High Priest’s family, were the wealthiest people in all the Land, and they were known to be corrupt to the core.

If you wanted to worship God in that place it would cost you dearly.

It was the ‘selling of salvation’ that got Jesus riled, for the Grace of God is given freely to all who would ask! Jesus was outraged that these people were selling for a premium, what cost Him dearly and that which He freely gave!

This caused Jesus to loose it that day! How dare they sell what God gives freely!

There was also a deeper message that Jesus wanted to get across that day. God does not live in building made by human hands! No He dwells in the Hearts of His people.

That is why Jesus said, ‘Where ever two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them.’ Matt 18:20.

Any building can be a Holy place, simple set it aside, to meet together, and when we come to worship and fellowship, we bring the Presence of God to it.

No one can sell you Salvation. It is there for you to take freely. Jesus stands at the door of your Heart and knocks. However, He will only come in if you invite Him (cf. Rev 3:20)

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