Disturbing and Important Questions:

As we fast approach the time, when the National Assembly will choose the way forward, for the people of the Uniting Church, in regards to Celebrating and Blessing on God’s behalf, the Marriages of same-sex couples; there are serious questions, that must be asked, as to the process of consultation.
Leaders of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (ACC), who have been deputised by over 150 Churches, to plead their case, claim they were excluded from the ‘Consultation Process’, which led to the preparing of the official report… And while Cultural and Language Diverse (CaLD) groups have been included, the question must be asked, ‘Were they heard?’
Did those who were entrusted, with the consultation process, actually consult with the Church body and in what manner did it include Indigenous and Culturally diverse Congregations and groups?
In the past few weeks, the Working Group on Doctrine (WGD) have published, what many consider to be, a strongly biased report. In this report, much space is given to the discussions, the WGD had with CaLD. They go on to explain at length, the various ways in which Marriage, between men and women exclusively, is navigated and celebrated in these many cultures. Yet rather than acknowledge, that Marriage is universally a Heterosexual norm, regardless of Culture, there is a rather bizarre blaming, of British Colonisation for the common prohibition of homosexual behaviour, in every culture they explored.
Where is the evidence that this belief in Heterosexual Marriage, is solely the result of Colonisation? Furthermore, why was there no research into the origins of these ‘British’ Laws? After all the WGD did make many references to ‘Greaco-Roman Society? Our Laws which we inherited from the British Empire, are described as being Judo-Christian and date back to the Madga Carta. It would seem, if our WGD is to be believed, our a legal system that was once based on Scripture, is a very unchristian thing? This needs much explanation.
It is significant to the debate, that despite an extensive consultation process, our Churches were never consulted? There must be an open and published explanation, as to why groups like the ACC, who represent so many people, are excluded from Consultation, especially when they have sought it? Furthermore, how is it that the strong and universal beliefs of our Cultural and Indigenous people were treated as irrelevant?

These are important and unsettling questions.