To work is Good, to slave is not!

To work is Good, to slave is not!

I once heard of a long distance truck driver, who used drugs to enable him to work both day and night. Instead of working 50 or 60 hours a week, like most truckies, he would work a hundred plus hours a week, barely taking more than a few minutes each day for rest.

One day he went to the doctors because he was feeling incredibly weary. The Doctor examined him and told him the ‘bad news’. His heart was worn out and he would soon die. “How can that be?” asked the truckie “I’m still in my forties!”

Work goes well with rest

“Well,” replied the doctor, “It seems you have squeezed fifty years of work into the last twenty five, and your body now thinks your over seventy!” “You did not sleep or rest for all that time, I am sorry, but you have very few heartbeats left.”

The truckie died a few months later.

As I read the story of creation, I have no doubt that we were created by God to do work. However we must remember that just as God gave us the need to work, He also ordained rest.

Working is a great gift, but when it is not done with integrity and balance, it can quickly become a curse. There are few things in life, that can compare with the sense of satisfaction and exhilaration we receive, when a job is done well and done well. Work gives purpose, the ability to express ourselves with creativity and to know the thrill of achievement.

However we must also keep that work in balance. For we have an equally important need to rest from our work. This is coupled with the need for worship, friendship, intimacy and family responsibility.

In looking back at the Genesis Creation account, I am reminded that life is ‘Good’, and that a balanced and Christ centred life, lived in relationship to God, spouse, family and neighbours is ‘Very Good!’

By Rev Peter Lyne

Minister Deception Bay Uniting Church

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